Faculty of Nursing Naresuan University

            Founded in 2000, the Faculty of Nursing at Naresuan University is the first of its kind in the lower northern part of Thailand under the auspices of the Ministry of Education.

          Our faculty is recognized not only at the regional level but also as a leader in the national arena being accredited at the highest rating by the National Council of Nursing and the office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (Public Organization). Consequently, a special budget is allotted incrementally year after year to support large numbers of professional nursing  graduates from the Ministry of Public Health

          The mission of the Faculty is to be a recognized leader in  nursing education at undergraduate and graduate levels. In pursuance of this vision, the faculty promotes scholarly acquisition, transmission, and application through a student – centered approach. A learning environment in which professional ethics are nurtured while theory – based practices are fostered in prevalent. Exclusive dormitories are provided with superior safety measures.


          Faculty of Nursing will be the leading institute effectively producing graduates and research to respond social needs  

          2. Research
          3. Educational Service
          4. Cultural Preservation

           1. Educate nursing students to serve social needs effectively 
           2. Promote out-standing national and  international research
           3. Promote and strengthen FON alumni
           4. Create international networks


             To prepare professional nurses to meet the demand of the country both in number and quality
Faculty of Nursing Naresuan University
Phitsanulok 65000 Thailand
Telephone: +66 5596 6656
Fax: +66 5596 6709